We thought it would be great to offer your children some totally free resources. We understand that providing children with educational materials can sometimes put a strain on the wallet, so we wanted to do our part in making things a little easier for you. Our team has curated a range of awesome activities, worksheets, and even online platforms that are not just fun but also educational. From Costa Rica culture, wildlife and features to online puzzles, we’ve got something for kids of all ages. Howler is excited about giving your children the opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun while learning about Costa Rica.

Thank you for sharing with your children, staff and others in your network.

Get ready for the “Great Costa Rican Eclipse” Oct 14

As an introduction: I am an eclipse chaser. We go all over the world to see eclipses of the sun. [...]

Celebrating Our Sloths on October 20th

Costa Rica's Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) was founded in 2016 by sloth researcher Dr. Rebecca Cliffe and is dedicated to saving [...]

The Wildlife of Costa Rica

Explore hundreds of Howler articles Costa Rica's Biodiversity: A Haven for Fascinating Wildlife Renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, Costa Rica [...]

Howl – online puzzles

Online puzzles offer a wide-range of benefits that go beyond mere entertainment. Firstly, they provide an excellent workout for our [...]

Snapshots of History

The people are long gone, and the buildings, landscape, and structures may remain. But someone took the time to push [...]

Costa Rica Rich History Snapshots

We'll select a variety of photographs that are a snapshot of days gone by. The rugged lifestyle, the rich culture, [...]

Exploring Costa Rica’s National Symbols: From Flag to Sloth

Discover your travel and adventure deals There is nothing arbitrary or spontaneous about the declaration of a national symbol. The [...]

Museums of Costa Rica

Not surprisingly, Costa Rica’s abundance of nature-infused riches tends to eclipse its indoor attractions. This leaves much about the nature [...]

Guaitil: The Real Deal

Written by Debbie Bride & Marian Paniagua To be sure, the tiny village of Guaitil is off the beaten path, [...]

Pura Vida Show

Perfect for the whole family Discover true stories of real pirates and lost treasure and dreams of dinosaurs. Feel the [...]

Lifestyle Feature – Raising a Child in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica means your children will get megadoses of outdoor time.

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