The full rich story of beautiful Costa Rica comes to life in this tropical setting at the Terraza Event Center in Playa Flamingo. Feel the warm welcome of “Pura Vida”. Learn it’s true meaning and where it came from. Feel the happiness of Costa Rica’s colorful people known as “Ticos” and see why they live longer here then almost anywhere else on Earth.

Perfect for the whole family!

Discover true stories of real pirates and lost treasure and dreams of dinosaurs. Feel the mystery of the “Las Bolas”, the massive spherical balls found only here. See through the eyes of famous explorers, cowboys, and beloved national hero’s. All of this while tasting the unique flavors of Costa Rican cuisine. The PuraVidaShow takes you on a journey through the happiest country in Central America.

Stories – Legends – Music – Dance – Magic – Fire – Food & Fun  

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All of this set to the award-winning soundtrack of the Costa Man” your entertaining host. 

Ticket includes:

Full two-hour show
Dinner   Dessert     Beer & Wine
Soda, coffee, and more

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