From the Costa Rican coastlines to the volcanoes and cloud forests, there are many types of retreats throughout this country to entice any enthusiast. 

Yes, yoga is one of the clear choices of retreats, but not the only one. Health and wellness, relaxation and self-introspection, birding, surfing and even cooking retreats … these and many more can be found almost anywhere in Costa Rica that you prefer.

The many choices of places open a wide variety of options to get away from it all. Googling the many possibilities shows you just how many locales are dedicated to these vacation options.

Recently, I have been in contact with three separate groups that are developing large and exclusive places to attract the retreat seekers. From exclusive to ultra-exclusive, these developments are designed for attracting what healthy-minded people in the world are looking for. 

Costa Rica offers it all, in places where you can just get lost in the beauty. Returning to your home base without saying, “Just, WOW,” can only mean you have not opened your eyes to the uniqueness of what the surroundings offer.

You can find any kind of retreat in virtually all locations. The different regions are just that — different. Each has its own unique climate and vistas. When you look at these different spots, the thing that stands out the most is the climates. Costa Rica has many microclimates to choose from. You will want to try them all. This is a country that requires extended stays or return visits to see all of its differences and wonders.

Yoga, meditation, and spiritual 

Of course, yoga is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you mention retreats in Costa Rica. It is a big part of the tourist industry and attracts people from around the world. Along with yoga retreats, many of them offer meditation or other spiritual components as part of their packages or even on their own. Sweat lodges, sometimes known by the indigenous names inipi or temazcal, are an example. Ayahuasca* retreats are another option.




During the past two and a half years of the world pandemic crisis, the wellness industry has had a resurgence. Many wellness retreats are popping up because people know how important it is to live a healthy life. There are many wellness resort options here in Costa Rica, with new and even more exotic places being developed due to the expanding interest and need. 


Digital detox

Getting away from all your electronic devices is a sure way to soothe your mind, body and soul. For many, it will take a couple of days to adjust. Not being able to reach for the phone, check a computer or turn on the TV is difficult. But shutting down all the electronic devices that are running you, and then turning on the inner soul that you have lost to them, is regenerating for your mind and body.



Learn how to cook healthy. Several retreats combine this as part of their program. Vegan and vegetarian cooking is a very popular choice. Being able to put healthy delicious meals together without using meat is sought after by many. In several places, you can even stay in hotels that are totally vegetarian.




Yes, adventure! With such a vast variety of activities offered throughout Costa Rica, some places specialize in showing you the best adventures. From extreme rafting and surfing to nature hikes and birding, they cover it all. The thrill levels are determined by your adventurous spirit.



Medical tourism

This can also be viewed as a retreat of sorts. Medical tourism opportunities combine the benefits of high-quality healthcare access and recovery in a vacation setting. Costa Rica has world-class dental facilities offering treatments that can be much less expensive than in your home country. There are also options for plastic surgery, stem cell procedures, and more. What could be better than scheduling a procedure, then recovering at a resort in the midst of all the beauty?

Do your research and consider how and where your needs can best be met in Costa Rica. Get away, unwind and renew your body, mind, and soul. Leave the grind behind, wash away the pandemic’s residue and start fresh. Don’t go back to the same old routine; you deserve better.

*Please use caution when booking an ayahuasca retreat. Be aware of the many warnings about safety if the ceremony is not overseen by a professional. Educate yourself on the benefits and the effects before engaging in this activity.

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