It’s a fact that family photos are a must! Whether the backdrop is a beautiful Guanacaste sunset or somewhere else in your area, you can likely find many talented photographers who are famous for capturing distinctive family memories.

Almost every week, both kids and adults show up at my stores together, looking to create just the right fashion style for their family photos.

The first advice that I offer is to have a color palette in mind. Depending on the color of your skin or hair, you should pick different tones, from brighter colors to neutrals, including blues, greens or grays.

Dress your
kids as if they were going
on a playdate.


My second piece of advice is to avoid striking prints that catch too much attention in the photo and detract from what should be the main character focus — your family. Avoid logos and large graphic elements as well.

Try to coordinate everyone’s outfits but do not go overboard with matching. Make sure each person’s own special style comes across. Matching outfits completely will also make your photos look too bland. That does not rule out the idea of having a theme, however. Sometimes it is fun to create a thematic photoshoot, for example incorporating a rainbow motif, stripes, or animal print.

Wear fitted clothes that do not invade another person’s frame in the picture.

Wear layers so you have some optional looks. Removing or adding layers allows you to effortlessly create different outfits in each photo.

Dress your kids as if they were going on a playdate. They will feel relaxed and cozy during the photo shoot, and it will pay off in the resulting pictures.

Bring some accessories to play with during the photo shoot, such as hats, sunglasses, jewelry and bags.

Everybody should show up feeling confident and comfortable. Remember, it is a family photo. No need to make it perfect; just create a memory.