Are you prepared for the rainy season in Costa Rica? Before we know it, all the dust will blow away and the muddy roads will come back. As we move from hell-hot April into a greener, fresher May, some wardrobe adjustments are needed as well.

Here are some tips for preparing to stay comfortable, stylish and happy during rainy season.

First of all, do you have rain boots? You might want them. I prefer the short boot styles because wet weather here doesn’t necessarily make it any cooler. Staying dry but also cool at the same time is a balancing act. A cheap pair of rain boots can often be found at your nearest hardware store, or look for better options in other stores.

For rain jackets, the same need to fend off moisture and heat simultaneously applies. Choose the softest, lightest-weight fabric you can find. If not, sweating will find you trapped inside a different kind of rainy season of your own making. With mosquitoes and purrujas (sand fleas) also coming back with the greenery, we need that kind of protection from our clothing as well.

It’s time to move into long pants, again keeping the materials soft, loose and lightweight. While striving to cover as much bare skin as possible, keep in mind that if the hem length is too long, the caked-on mud stains can be very stubborn to remove.

Umbrella is synonymous with always, when it comes to leaving one in the car and otherwise carrying one with you everywhere. Always be prepared as if it’s the rule, rather than the exception, for rain to start suddenly without warning. Having a sarong or towel handy as well is a good idea too. Even with an umbrella, your feet might get wet and it’s nice to have something to dry off with.

As our surroundings transform from yellowish brown to flourishing jungle greens, you should do the same, moving into vibrant, earthy colors and happy prints. Rainy season may last a few months but seem like an eternity; prepared is the best way to face it.

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