The original two-piece bathing suit invented in 1946 by Louis Reard was named “bikini,” after Bikini Atoll, where nuclear bomb testing was taking place. So, is the bikini the nuclear bomb of the last century? Is the female body as powerful as that? The answer is YES! In many countries, the bikini was banned from beaches and public places, and it‘s still a symbol of different cultural idiosyncrasies.

How bikinis are worn varies from country to country: more cover, less cover … top cover, bottom cover … NO cover. As travel has become increasingly global, such trends have become more distinctive but not always easy to keep up with. So a conservative bikini wearer might find herself right beside someone wearing next to nothing on the beach. This is especially noticeable in some European locales where the “style” is to go topless!

But what really matters is your own attitude when wearing a bathing suit, be it a two-piece, one-piece, tankini, trikini or skirtini. The way you wear it is everything. It’s all about your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you’re looking to feel good in your bathing suit, it will last a season. But if you look and feel beautiful in your skin, well, that lasts forever. Celebrate those parts of your body that help you achieve and sustain a positive attitude, and let the other parts quietly deal with themselves.
My advice is to be aware when trying on bathing suits in a store. If you are scared to leave the changing room when you see yourself in the mirror, definitely don’t buy that one! Keep looking; there are so many options.

I’ve seen plus-size women wearing bathing suits like a queen, while others with perfect bodies can look unattractive wearing a style that doesn’t work for them. Pick a style, pick a print, and make your own combination. There have never been more mix-and-match options for customizing.

Showing more is not always hotter, and the one-piece bathing suit is a hot style this year. It emphasizes your curves, but at the same time diminishes the threat of waves snatching your bikini. It’s generally flattering to women of all shapes and sizes, and has special appeal for the timid.