Once Hollywood kids started captivating the paparazzi and captured their own corner of the media spotlight, a whole new industry was launched. Those kids who might otherwise have drawn little notice growing into and out of their older siblings’ hand-me-downs were changed into fashion icons and trending models.

Your children’s wardrobe can become an extension of your own, and their attire says a lot about yourself. Are they more or less bare-skinned all the time? Are they overdressed? The way you clothe your kids (for as long as they allow it) makes a statement about their future fashion choices. As they grow and mature, teens will adopt or reject the way you taught them to dress, just like the rest of your teachings.

I love matching my kids’ clothes with my own; it looks perfect in the pictures and makes us feel closer! Here in Costa Rica’s outdoor wonderland, it’s easy to protect your kids from the sun without losing any sense of style. There are so many choices in bathing suits, rash guards, hats and sunglasses. Above all, don’t forget about comfort. Kids need to be comfortable all the time to play, run and have fun with their friends. Just like we do!