Once Hollywood kids began captivating the paparazzi and carving out their own space in the media spotlight, a whole new industry was born. Those children who may have otherwise gone unnoticed while wearing their older siblings’ hand-me-downs were transformed into fashion icons and trending models.

Your children’s wardrobe can be a reflection of your own style, and their clothing choices can speak volumes about you. Do they prefer to show more skin or are they always overdressed? The way you dress your kids (while they still let you) can influence their future fashion preferences. As they grow up, teenagers will either embrace or reject the style lessons you’ve taught them, just like any other advice you’ve given.

I personally enjoy coordinating my kids’ outfits with my own; it makes for great photos and brings us closer together! Living in Costa Rica’s beautiful outdoor environment, it’s easy to keep your kids protected from the sun while still looking stylish. With a wide variety of bathing suits, rash guards, hats, and sunglasses available, you can find the perfect balance between sun safety and fashion. And of course, comfort is key. Kids need to feel comfortable in order to play, run around, and have fun with their friends – just like us adults do!


When packing for your child’s beach vacation, it’s important to bring along the essentials to ensure a fun and stress-free trip. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen to protect their delicate skin from harmful UV rays, as well as a sun hat and sunglasses for added protection. Don’t forget to pack all the necessary swimwear, such as bathing suits, rash guards, and water shoes to keep them comfortable while playing in the sand and surf. It’s also a good idea to bring along towels, beach toys, and snacks to keep them entertained throughout the day. And of course, don’t leave home without a reusable water bottle to keep them hydrated under the hot sun. By packing these essentials, you can rest assured that your child will be well-prepared for their beach adventure!

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