Do you want to miss the sunset? What about happy hour? Every evening, beachgoers have to face an important decision — go home or go on.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative … something you can pull over a sandy bathing suit and still look great wearing. From beach attire to party kit, here is our “Beach to Bar” list. Throw these items in your bag and be ready for your post-surf cocktail.

Basic outfit
If you are a dress girl this is easy; an a-shape or loose dress can cover sandy spots and keep us fresh at sunset. Or maybe an open shirt-dress that can still show your lovely bikini. If not, a nice top and a skirt or shorts will do.

This is your ultimate beach-to-bar secret weapon. Dry yourself and then just tie it behind your neck and you are ready.

Take off your flip-flops and just put on a nice pair of sandals instead. There are many flip-flop sandals on the market now that are versatile enough for both beach and bar wear.

Small bag or clutch
Keep your important stuff away from the sandy towel and dirty clothes.

Mini-personal care kit
Basic needs include deodorant, moisturizer, hair cream, basic makeup, hydrating lip balm, breath freshener and wet towels.

All you need is a nice pair of earrings and a chain … nothing too fancy, just a little touch to dress up your beach look.

A playful ponytail or wet gel look might work to go out with salty, sandy hair. If it’s completely out of control, a braid, a bun or a summer bandana are other options for not going home to shower.

Make sure anything and everything is waterproof; no panda eyes allowed.