Fashion Flash: Express Your Best Self.  When you are the best version of yourself, you bloom! It doesn’t mean being perfect, beautiful, or young. It just means bringing whoever you already are to your fullest potential for all to see.

Self-development is a lifelong process, but you can start becoming the best possible version of yourself right now! Because I am supposed to write about fashion and not self-discovery, let’s translate this idea into clothing.

At the end of the day — or perhaps when the day begins — the fashion choices you make come from the mood you manifest on that occasion. Did you wake up happy or depressed … full of energy or feeling more like going back to bed? You will open your closet with one of these emotions affecting your decision about what to wear.

Colors express emotions.


Colors express emotions. Red can be anger as well as passion. Blue is calmness and sadness. Green is the color of healing but also of envy.

Are you feeling insecure lately? Then you might lean towards baggy dresses, jumpers and dark-colored outfits. Are you feeling older? You will most likely be attracted to conservative garments and simple textures. Is your style more athletic? You will jump into leggings and sport bras.

“Happy” clothes include well-cut, figure-enhancing items made from bright and beautiful fabrics. Women who are feeling “down” tend to put less effort into what they are wearing, whereas women in a good mood strive to look great to match their positivity.

With the holidays around the corner, take the time to choose your outfits wisely. Try to put your best self forward on every occasion by wearing what makes you feel the most confident.

Enter the coming new year with the ultimate version of you, then try to maintain it all year round!