Fashion Flash: Animal Magnetism.  The true story of the animal print was born in the caveman era, when people used animal skins to protect themselves from the wind and cold. Thousands of years later, during medieval times, fur garments were used to mark a symbol of wealth as well as a social class.

In the beginning of the 20th century, movie actress Gloria Swanson started wearing elegantly styled animal print garments. From then on, the animal print has enjoyed many fashionable comebacks, especially in Hollywood and international celebrity circles. Famous women such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy, among many other fashion icons, helped elevate this trend to the height of glamor.

Start with accessories such as earrings,
bags, scarves, bracelets, shoes or belts.


In 1971, National Airlines launched a new flight crew uniform incorporating animal-printed coats and hats worn by stewardesses.

Nowadays, animal print designs are widely seen in all manner of furniture, decor and objects, as well as clothing and accessories. Fortunately, the adoption of all-synthetic materials in modern times has ensured animals remain unharmed.

Tips for wearing animal prints

Never combine with any other pattern.

Camel, black, and brown are classic neutral tones, but fashionistas this year are jumping into red or yellow for a funkier look.

Less is more … keep your makeup and hairstyle as natural as you can.

If you are not quite daring enough to wear an animal print garment, start with accessories such as earrings, bags, scarves, bracelets, shoes or belts. It’s a good way to include the animal print motif in your outfit with an added touch of glamor.

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