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January 2022 

Issuu Online E-Mag Highlights

Happy New Year to Howler readers around the world! Leading the way into 2022, our road trip series continues with January’s cover story taking you for a ride on the wild side. We hope it motivates you to explore Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula before the face of this exotic wonderland —  home to one of the last coastal tropical rainforests on earth — is transformed forever. 

Another travel tale chronicles one adventurer’s roundabout border crossing experience from Panama to Costa Rica. This month’s artist’s spotlight is on Susan Adams, whose paintings capture the essence of Costa Rica’s sea, sky and soul from her unique storytelling perspective. The promise of regenerative agriculture is discussed in our eco-feature about a local food production and marketing success story in Tempate, Guanacaste. We also share highlights of a recent conversation with Christian Marin-Müller, a scientist and leading media spokesperson striving to ensure Costa Ricans are fully and accurately informed about current pandemic news.

featured musician.

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The expanded growth of Howler Media Holdings has shown the need for an advisory board. Through much searching, we have brought on several notables as key advisors to guide us on an enhanced path. The need for fresh new subject matter is so important as we put our efforts towards gaining readership and engagements. Look forward to an expanded range of timely and provocative Howler articles on topics that influence our daily lives! 


Join us in welcoming Howler Media Holdings’ inaugural advisory board members:

  • Dr. J. Gregory Payne
  • Dr. Zoila Mojica
  • Dr. Marian Vilela
  • Dr. Eduard Müller
  • Karina Diaz

Everyone in this group has world experience in business and communications. We are sure you will be captivated by their diverse and interesting backgrounds, as featured in five individual Howler e-magazine articles. You will understand immediately how each advisory board member will be truly instrumental in our forward expansion.





This month’s artist’s spotlight is on Susan Adams, whose paintings capture the essence of Costa Rica’s sea, sky and soul from her unique storytelling perspective. That makes it our pleasure to feature one of Howler’s most prolific longstanding contributors, Charlene Golojuch of Hidden Garden Art Gallery in Guanacaste. 


“Working with so many talented artists has been a fantastic opportunity and brought much joy to my life,” Charlene told us. “Meeting each one of them and getting to know their stories and background enables us to share their visions with not just Costa Rica, but with the world!” 

Another highlight of Charlens’s life here and work at the gallery is the extraordinary chance to meet both international travelers and local residents. ”Learning about them, hearing their stories … it’s all a marvelous experience.”


Photo Link (Charlene apologizes for the resolution and hope it’s usable to run small. She’s unable to take any new ones right now due to hair loss. Maybe add a photo of the gallery if you have any).





Joanna Blanco. Integrative nutritional health coach who helps clients embrace wellness in five interconnected areas of life: relationships, livelihood, physical activity, spiritual awareness and diet.


Nick Dauk. Writer, rocker and traveler based in Orlando, Florida, seeking out stories from every corner of the globe.


Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys, specializing in real estate and corporate law.


Laura Méndez. Founder of Pura Vida Vibrations. Offering sound journeys, breathwork experiences, cacao ceremonies & other activities.


Turner Mojica. Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President of Howler Media Holdings as well as the Costa Rican Chamber of Culture, Fashion and the Arts and CR Fashion Week. He is an International management consultant who has worked with Oscar and Grammy nominated producers, award winning directors and celebrities.


Rick Philps. Canadian who practiced law in Victoria, BC before moving to Costa Rica in 1998. He has practiced law here for 17 years, having continued his education in civil law and notary and registry law. Offers legal due diligence seminars and consultations in the Gold Coast area for expats moving, or considering moving to Costa Rica. Contact or visit


John Quam. Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of Howler Media Holdings. 

Tom Schultz. BS Biology and Geology, avid birder and nature photographer, retired software executive.