Beach wardrobe basics and must haves

Fashion Flash – Beach Capsule Wardrobe Basics.  Whenever you feel unsure or confused about what to wear, go back to basics and create a capsule wardrobe.  Your basic wardrobe for city life must include a pair of jeans, white t-shirt, black dress and a good coat.  What about your capsule wardrobe at the beach?  

The “perfect” dress is
the one you wear to
feel the best version of yourself.


  • The list must start with a bunch of bathing suits. You need at least one one-piece bathing suit and one bikini to start. Black? Maybe … but for sure, any swimsuit must be one that fits perfectly and makes you feel good wearing it.
  • Shorts are the second most important item in your capsule wardrobe. Choose from many fabrics for many occasions: denim, rayon, viscose, silk and more.
  • The top you wear with shorts depends on your style. I prefer tank-tops, but you might go with a tube top, blouse or t-shirt. You definitely want something that is lightweight and breathable.The “perfect” dress is the one you wear to feel the best version of yourself — fresh, comfortable and maybe you don’t have to wear a bra with it. I am sure you know which dress it is.
  • To the new beach fashion basics, I would like to add a kimono. Kimonos have been around for a while but today’s version has become a “wearable” sarong. It is the perfect summer coat to bring along.
  • Add flip-flops so you can walk around for hours, anywhere from muddy roads to sandy beaches. You might even have a dress-up pair and a beach pair.
  • Because I love jewelry, I must also add a beautiful pair of earrings — the type you can go to the ocean with and also sleep in.

Get your basics together, grab a small backpack and you are all set for a trip to your favorite place!


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