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The animal rescue community in Costa Rica is very active and very necessary. When I moved here in 2014, problems with stray animals In the area were apparent. However. I learned that many active groups had made significant headway over the years in educating local pet owners to take care of their animals and treat them as members of their families.

This is thanks to the dedication of numerous groups and volunteers making sure that the spay and neuter clinics operate often. Efforts to avoid the birth of animals destined for abandonment or abuse have been successful It still astonishes me to see the long lineups at spay and neuter clinicx. It’s a never-ending concern requiring daily attention.

Those who operate animal rescue and protection groups in Costa Rica need many forms of help and support. Forever homes for adoptable pets an: just one example. Finding is also an ongoing need to be effective and successful I Please donate whenever possible to ensure animals are never denied the medical care, food, and housing they need.

Remember, there is always another vulnerable animal waiting to get in. So it is very important to find loving forever homes for the pets that have already been rescued, checked out, medically treated and now ready for adoption. They just want to love you.

Rescue Centers

Halfway Home

Available for adoption
All these puppies came to us at once! they were found In Santa Rosa. they are two months old, very friendly and playful. They love to run around our play area and have fun with other dogs. They have been dewormed and received their first booster already.

Call: 2652 9009

Wet Nose Rescue Atenas

Wet Nose Rescue is a family-run. very small animal rescue based in Atenas. Costa Rica. The dogs live in my home as opposed to cages. We takecare of about SO animals. many of which consider this their home. We integrate all animals into our home so they are accustomed to living in a family environment with other animals.
We also rely very much on volunteers who are usually travellers passing through. During their time here, they join our family and routine, helping out with the dogs, cleaning and general maintenance of the house.

Animales Atenas

We’re located in Atenas, a small coffee town in the western part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, on the road between San Jose and the Central Pacific beaches around Jacó.
Our main goal is to stop the suffering of the many many street dogs and cats here in our area. We also work with animals that come from low-income families where financial assistance is necessary for their proper care.
Animales Atenas Costa Rica

Animales de Asis

Animales de Asis – Costa Rica is a private no kill sanctuary founded in 2000 with the capacity to shelter up to 200 dogs and cats, many of whom have been victims of animal abuse or cruelty, are senior animals or have special needs.
The sanctuary, located in Alto del Roble in Heredia, serves the entire Central Valley, and provides food, shelter, medical treatment, and most importantly, much needed nurturing.    
Phone: +506-8382-5163

Charlie’s Angels – Animal Rescue

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR is an animal rescue project in Costa Rica founded by four women with one thing in common: an unconditional love of animals. They met one day while volunteering at a local spay & neuter clinic in a small mountain village and, because of their common concern for abandoned and neglected animals, decided to form the organization.    
Phone: +506 8325 2514

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