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Charlie's Angels - Animal Rescue

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR is an animal rescue project in Costa Rica founded by four women with one thing in common: an unconditional love of animals. They met one day while volunteering at a local spay & neuter clinic in a small mountain village and, because of their common concern for abandoned and neglected animals, decided to form the organization.

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats, that are often in an extreme physical condition or victims of abuse. Once the recovery is complete, the animal will be given up for adoption, only after being vaccinated, spayed or neutered by our organization.    
Phone: +506 8325 2514

Mama Pacha (Pachita)

So here is an incredible story about a senior Beagle lady named Mama Pacha or Pachita, she is definitely already a LEGEND at Charlie’s Angels… We rescued this sweet Beagle grandmother about a year ago. She was wandering the streets hungry, dehydrated and totally disoriented. We could see every rib.

When we first met Pacha Mama, she could not make eye contact with anyone trying to get her attention. She has probably never received human affection or had social interactions with people before.

Pacha must have been on a chain all her life, because where there used to be a collar there is no fur around her neck anymore. Her worn-out teats show us that she was mistreated to breed Beagle puppies – so sad…
Once Pachita was in better health, we had her spayed, vaccinated and dewormed, had her teeth cleaned and removed a tumor on her elbow (probably from lying on pure concrete all her life).

Since Pacha has been in our care, she has thrived and become a beautiful Beagle lady.
She has gained some weight, is very social, likes to go for walks, sleeps like a baby in her soft dog bed or on the volunteer sofa and seems to just love life.

After a few months in our rescue centre Pacha also discovered how to play with other dogs. Especially with one young dog named Chase she played all day long – she clearly had loads of fun.

But then something completely unexpected happened. From one moment to the other Pacha was no longer able to use her hind legs. It was terrible, she just dragged her legs behind her. No one knew what had happened to her. After x-rays and a cat scan we found out that Pacha had a slipped disc, probably from playing like a spring chick among the youngsters.

The orthopedic veterinarian gave Pacha no chance to ever walk again unless we performed an operation that would have been too expensive for us. But our vet, Doctor Milena, did not stop believing in Pacha’s recovery.
Doctor Milena had her under her care for some time and also consulted with an animal acupuncturist who came all the way from Tinamatste to treat Pacha.

But Pacha’s condition did not improve much so we decided to take her back to the rescue center and make sure that she can live a good life despite her condition. Our volunteers took very good care of her, they walked her around the block like a wheelbarrow. They held her hind legs up with a pool noodle around her belly. Pacha LOVED these walks more than anything and sniffed every corner and began to regain her vitality.

And then… just a few weeks ago, Pacha started to stand up again! We couldn’t believe it. She has been paralyzed for 5 months and out of the blue she started using her legs again!

We all had tears of joy in our eyes and especially our vet was over the moon!

Pacha’s condition was improving every day and now she is running around the garden again with a huge smile on her face! We are so thankful for this amazing experience with a senior dog, who showed us all that you should never give up on a dog as long as they have the will to live and their quality of life is good and dignified.

So now, after being with us for a whole year and having gone through so many ups and downs, the Pacha needs a loving home where she gets the love and care she deserves.

She really doesn’t need much… a very perfect day for Pacha consists of some short walks, two good portions of food and many naps during the day.

Since she is a Beagle, we would be happy if she could live in a completely fenced environment, because she can get carried away when she get’s a scent…

Please consider adopting a senior dog… We’re sure Pacha will make you very happy.

Please contact us if you think Pacha would be a good fit for you.

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