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Wet Nose Rescue Atenas

Wet Nose Rescue is a family-run. very small animal rescue based in Atenas. Costa Rica. The dogs live in my home as opposed to cages. We take care of about SO animals. many of which consider this their home. We integrate all animals into our home so they are accustomed to living in a family environment with other animals.
We also rely very much on volunteers who are usually travelers passing through. During their time here, they join our family and routine, helping out with the dogs, cleaning and general maintenance of the house.
Here are descriptions of a few of my dogs available for adoption.


Shumi is a shy 10-month old little girl with a very sweet easy-going temperament. She was rescued with her sister in Creels where it appears they were dumped. Both little girls were terrified but have since comeout of their shell.
Shumi is very affectionate and gets along well with dogs and cats. She’s not boisterous. yet enjoys playing. She doesn’t make a noise and enjoys relaxed walks.


Swiper is a small breed with lots of energy. cute and affectionate. He will never pass up a rough and tumble with the bigger dogs. Swiper was rescued in Limon. covered in mange and brought back to San Jose.
He has since made a full recovery. We guess that he is probably about 2 to 3 years old, with a very playful nature. He enjoys a good howl every now and again.

Bobby and Lulea

Bobby and Laica are siblings that absolutely cannot be separated. They are about 18 months old. brought to me by a family that had them tied up day and night outside their home. Both are incredibly easy-going and non-aggressive pit bull Labrador crosses with wonderful temperaments. very affectionate and playfuL


Animales Atenas

We’re located in Atenas, a small coffee town in the western part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, on the road between San Jose and the Central Pacific beaches around Jacó.
Our main goal is to stop the suffering of the many many street dogs and cats here in our area. We also work with animals that come from low-income families where financial assistance is necessary for their proper care.
We organize spay and neuter clinics in different parts of Atenas county on a regular basis. Also some vets of Atenas provide their consultation for treatment at low-cost-prices.
Very important is to spread the word in the community about the necessity of castration, deworming and vaccination, for this we offer information flyers.
To begin on the roots, we offer our education program and go into local Atenas schools to teach the children how to treat all creatures with respect and love and live with them in a healthy manner for all.
The foundation always needs volunteers: We’re desperately in need of temporary foster homes – beside permanent homes of course (!). We would appreciate some transportation help, i. e. to bring and pick up the animals to/from the vet, move them from their actual location to new homes etc…
If you see any possibility for support and assistance – don’t hesitate to contact us!
Animales Atenas Costa Rica


Kayla is a particularly gentle and affectionate being, she is friendly to humans and animals, whether dog or cat. She is FIV positive (Cat-Aids), therefore she must be indoor, preferably with a secured outdoor area. She can live together with dogs or other positive and nice cats. Kayla was found abandoned on the street with growths in her mouth, she was treated by our vet. We assume that this was due to stress and immunodeficiency. In her foster home she is doing very well. Loving human attention is the key to a long life…


Although his name Titan implies great things, this boy weighs only about 10 kilos. What he possesses is mental greatness. He must have survived bad times in his former life. He was found lying on the side of the road months ago, badly injured. He must have suffered for a long time. He underwent surgery to save him and then his leg. It went well, he just limps a little, one leg is a bit shorter now. Of course he is neutered by now. Titan is an absolutely friendly soul, he gets along with all two- and four-legged beings totally fine.


Gary is a carrier of Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) . He is a happy active kitten. He also needs to be an indoor cat, he lives at the moment with Kayla and is best buddy with the dogs of his foster home. Gary is very playful and affectionate.
A 2nd exam should be made asap as cats can overcome this condition

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