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Animales de Asis

Animales de Asis – Costa Rica is a private no kill sanctuary founded in 2000 with the capacity to shelter up to 200 dogs and cats, many of whom have been victims of animal abuse or cruelty, are senior animals or have special needs.
The sanctuary, located in Alto del Roble in Heredia, serves the entire Central Valley, and provides food, shelter, medical treatment, and most importantly, much needed nurturing.
Medical treatment often involves expensive surgeries, testing, medication, as well as extensive follow-up care. Before being placed in adoption, our animals have been dewormed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and socialized, On average, we place some 30-35 animals in their forever homes each month through weekly adoption events and social media postings.
Unlike other shelters that emphasize adoption but euthanize the un-adoptable, the mission of Animales de Asis is to find forever homes for adoptable animals and to provide lifetime care and shelter for those who are unable to be placed. Founder and Director Karin Hoad believes that every dog and cat’s life is worth saving and that every animal deserves a quality of life. Animales de Asis is a Costa Rican nonprofit association funded exclusively by donations.    
Phone: +506-8382-5163


Code 2057-16
She was rescued in late 2015 at just 2 months old, she and her siblings left them. In a cardboard box on the street in Santa Bárbara de Heredia, very sick, with parasites, malnutrition and ehrlichia, they spent more than a month at the vet, Cschorra was adopted but the couple separated and returned her
Product of the ehrlichia treatment at such a young age, she lost her teeth, but has no problem eating food, she is very good with other dogs and people, calm and affectionate.
Medium size female.
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Code 7273-19
He was rescued in the Virgin of Sarapiqui, Heredia, he was run over but he was not given attention for more than a month, when we found out the leg could not be saved and had to be amputated, it is a dog with a lot of energy, it walks very well without the missing paw, gets along well with other dogs of its size, especially females, is healthy.
German Shepherd Mix, a little smaller.
Two years old.
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Code 7454-19
Puppy was rescued, She was given up for adoption and after 5 years they returned her for lack of space, She is a calm female, and she gets along with other dogs, she had breast tumors but they were removed
Age 6 years
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Code: 0546 -E- 13
She rescued a puppy with her siblings in 2013 when she was 4 months old, she has had no luck adopting herself, perhaps she is very shy with people, she gets along with other dogs, medium size – Large, 7 years old, almost themselves from being in the hostel
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Code 0009-11
He was rescued in 2010 with only 4 months old and with scabies, in the Guidos de Desamparados, despite being a very good dog with people and other animals, he has had no luck in being adopted and has been living for more than 10 years. in our hostel expecting a family
Medium size
Age 11 years / male
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