Happy February, everyone! 

I got the sense that January passed fast, and some of the objectives that I had in mind got stuck in time. For many of you, and certainly for myself, 2020 was a challenging year. We needed a break from it … at least to believe 2021 would be a better year. 

So, instead of focusing on what we need to do, let’s take a moment to think about ourselves.

As an Integrative Nutrition Coach, I look at five essential areas of a person’s lifestyle: how they eat, how they exercise, how are their relationships affected, how work affects their life, and how connected they are with the divine. 

In January, I completed the following self-checks, and now am hoping you might try the same. As a business owner, I need to have the best energy to focus on my work and deliver the best results to my clients. So, I invite you to make the following checklist and keep a journal for one week:


  1. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you feel energized or unrested? 

Our sleep is a priority. Pay attention to what you eat or drink before bedtime. Check how many hours you are sleeping. Check the ambient elements: bed, pillow, darkness, temperature and other variables that can affect your sleep.


  • Are you doing any exercise to make your body move and sweat?

How does your body feel every night before sleep? Do you feel any sign of discomfort? How many times per week are you exercising? How do you feel right after exercise and at night when you have exercised earlier in the day?There are many benefits of exercise, so if you are not doing anything for your body, maybe it is time to find time and give it a try. Walking, running, biking, yoga, pilates and  crossfit are good examples, but any physical activity is valid if it suits your routine and health condition.

  • How do you eat?

What percentage of your meals do you prepare at home? If you are eating away from home, what kind of food? Is it healthy or just anything that you happen to find available?


Are you eating adequate portions of fruit and vegetables during the day? 


How many times per week are you drinking alcoholic beverages? Are you practising moderation when consuming alcohol?

Try to find a balance in the way you eat. Food is for energy and repair. 


  • Are you taking time for yourself? 

How do you feel right now? How have you been feeling lately?

On a scale from 0 = nothing to 10 = most of the time, use a number to rate these feelings:

  • anxious
  • confused 
  • short of breath
  • tired
  • ok
  • neutral
  • happy, with a lot of energy 
  • adventurous 
  • creative
  • Have you been practicing self-care?  Do you take breaks to connect with yourself and understand your emotions? 

Remember that your connection between mind and body will provide an analysis of your health and wellness state. 

  • How do you feel at work?

Do you feel productive? Is your company productive?

Do you want to make changes?

Create a vision of the actual state of your company or job. Measure how satisfied you are with what you are doing or performing. 

Record your answers to these questions in a journal, writing as many details as you can. Keep this journal for one week.

Then, please give it a rest. Take a few days and try to think about nothing. During these days, practice gratitude. Be grateful for all that you have, for the people who support you, for the experiences that you have and for your life on earth.  

When you are ready to read your journal, check on the areas you would like to improve — any vital areas you consider necessary. 

Next month, we can start making our action plan, but in the meantime, relax and enjoy, without leaving the essential unattended. 

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Hasta la vista, fellow entrepreneurs!

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