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May 2021 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights Text

Happy anniversary Howler! This month’s e-magazine finds us celebrating with a silver-themed journey down memory lane. Join us in a retrospective look back from May1996, when founding publisher David Mills believed Tamarindo was ready for the community-focused publication he had in mind. His instincts were soon proved correct, and then some. We hope you enjoy this fun blast from the past as much as we did putting it together.

With the monikers Tamarindo and Robert August being practically synonymous, we decided the timing was also right to revisit the story of how that came to be. Tamarindo is also this month’s Surf Spot, to round out our Surfing CR section.

Howler’s ACE section takes you much further back in history to the pre-Columbian legacy of Chorotega pottery, and the artisans of Guaitil who keep it alive. A decidedly more modern artistic spotlight shines on Höwler — no relation to monkeys or this magazine, but rather a band we think unfamiliar readers will want to hear more about.

More discoveries await in Travel & Adventure, including a featured adventure about a global adventurer, Gyrocopter Girl, who found herself captivated by Costa Rica while soaring above its magnificent landscapes. And speaking of landscapes, you can test your own knowledge of 11 different panoramic vistas in a photographic quiz designed for that very purpose. Learn more about the rarely seen rufous-vented ground cuckoo, introduced in last month’s Howler story about its celebrity-status sighting at a remote Pocosol forest station. 

Entangled in Costa Rica tells the story within a story of a unique collaboration between media production and ocean conservation specialists, The Vegan Pirates and Innoceana. Together they recently chronicled the rescue of two humpback whales caught in a deadly tangle of fishing lines near Isla del Caño.  The resulting documentary short film, already chosen for film festival screenings in San Francisco and New York, aims to raise awareness about this serious global threat to vulnerable marine creatures.