The history of bikinis is a fascinating one. It all began in 1946 when French engineer Louis Réard created the first two-piece swimsuit that exposed the navel, known as the bikini. Initially, it was met with resistance and deemed too risqué for public taste. However, over time it gained popularity, especially among Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.


In the 1960s, bikinis became even more daring with thong styles and bold prints. Since then, there have been many variations from high-waisted bottoms to string bikinis made famous by Victoria’s Secret models. Today bikinis are worn worldwide and continue to evolve with new styles constantly being introduced to fit every body type.


The bikini has come a long way from its humble beginnings but remains an iconic staple of summer fashion.

A uniquely Tica bikini backstory — featuring several Costa Rican designers — is told in Howler’s Sewing a Different Pattern on and Off the Waves. You can discover more Costa Rican bikini designers by any quick internet search.


Feature photo of Laura Rodriguez showcasing a Costa Rican-made bikini. Click here for her story.

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