Update June 2022:

Laura Rodriguez has been very busy since Howler introduced her two years ago in the June 2020 issue of Howler e-magazine. She is an entertainment journalist, TV host and actress from Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano  National Park region. She has 15 years of experience with television production,  both behind and on the set. 

Since her premiere in June 2020, Laura: 

  • Been busy as an actress working in Hollywood 
  • Has made a Christmas song, Celebrate Navidad, with Samuel Singz, who is an amazing American artist 
  • Has been doing voice-overs for commercials 
  • Has been creating content for products 
  • Is now represented in commercial acting by an agency named Taylor and  Robertson 

Here are her last six movies:

  • Why the Nativity? / Paul Joiner / narrated TV film 2022
  • Mystery in Paradise / Lane Shefter Bishop / feature actress / 2022 TV movie
  • The Legend of Jack and Diane / Bruce T Bellochi / background / 2022
  • Miami Now and Then /  Gideon Raff / feature actress / Apple TV show 2022
  • I See Darkness / Myrat Bayram / Hank Orión  / feature actress / independent movie 2022
  • Blending Christmas/ Marla Sokoloff / extra  / Lifetime TV movie 2021


Laura Rodriguez is an entertainment journalist, TV host and actress from Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano National Park region. She has 15 years of experience with television production, both behind and on the set.

Laura grew up enjoying what she refers to as a beautiful and simple life on the farm near the volcano. She did what a lot of children do: played with her sister, climbing trees and playing with the cows and chickens. Those early days were also when she fell in love with television and movies.  

Rodriguez’s entertainment debut occurred at age 16, singing in a girl’s band, Eclipse Latino. The group enjoyed performing the songs of Selena and Gloria Estefan.  

Laura also undertook three years of acting training starting in 1996, further grooming herself to follow her dreams in the entertainment industry.


Interviews in bed

Rodriguez started her career at “VM Latino” a music channel in Costa Rica. There she worked as a VJ and produced the “Noche De Pijamas” show, featuring interviews done while in bed. The show achieved No. 1 ratings.

Laura said it was amazing to create something that the public likes. Of course, the opportunity to meet and interview a lot of interesting people was a highlight from that chapter of her life.

After five years, Rodriguez moved on to a premier Costa Rica television station, Teletica, where she was a host for the “En Vivo” show.

“It was a transition year, full of challenges,” she recalled. “I worked very hard.” 

 In 2004, Laura moved to Telenoticias, the No. 1 news station in Central America. She was the daily entertainment reporter and producer of the weekly segment “Viernes De Moda,” which topped the ratings for nine years. 

Popular TV host

Rodriguez has enjoyed participating in a variety of other events, including as host for several years of both the Telethon Costa Rica and Telethon Nicaragua, raising money for children’s hospitals.

And if you’ve tuned in to the famous bikini contest “Miss Hawaiian Tropic Costa Rica,” Laura was the television host for five years.

Expanding her singing exposure, Laura appeared in “Singing With the Stars” Costa Rica in 2007. After the 10-week contest, her team was awarded third place.

That same year she was invited by the singer Tapon to be the leading actress in his music video “Perdoname.”

Over the past year, Laura was invited to the TV gossip show “Intrusos” as a guest for one week, and has filled many spots in airing news on romances, separations and scandals.

On the big screen in 2018, Rodriguez played her first supporting role in the movie “Hanna Gabriels: The Legend of a Triumph.”

“It was very natural and fluid to play the part of Tete,” she stated. “It was a very powerful role and lots of positive energy around this character. Tete was Hanna’s best friend and a very supportive person. It was easy for me to connect with the character.” 

In 2019, Laura headed north to California to pursue educational goals for her daughter, as well as opportunities in the entertainment industry. There, she is loving her real-life roles as a full-time mother and wife. She is making contacts with people in the entertainment industry, responding to casting calls online and creating content for her social media platform.

Laura told us she feels good to be from Costa Rica while participating in the larger-scale entertainment industry. 

Also in California, she maintains her close connection with nature, ingrained into her life while growing up on the family farm. She has created a home garden, enjoys hiking the nature trails of Simi Valley and, just hugging trees!  

Celebrating her birthday this month, Laura Rodriguez is an inspiration to others when it comes to education, creating opportunities and fulfilling your dreams.

Conversing With the Stars

During her tenure as an entertainment journalist, Laura Rodrigez has conducted more than 120 celebrity interviews. 

Notable examples include rock or pop stars like Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Pearl Jam and Ricky Martin; actors such as Steven Seagal, Mel Gibson and Michelle Yeoh (Bond Girl) and icons spanning multiple entertainment spheres like Andrea Bocelli and Roberto Gómez Bolaños (El Chavo).