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Wherever you go in Costa Rica, you meet interesting people with incredible stories. I caught up with Richard Lacey who has lived here for 25 years.

Richard Lacey, a chartered accountant with CPA credentials, is from Nottingham, England and his story includes escaping the business office setting and making his dream come true in Costa Rica.

Richard’s early professional career was spent in England, wearing a shirt and tie while working in an office for blue chip multinationals such as KPMG, Time Warner and Sony Corporation. He quickly realized this life wasn’t for him, and always had an eye on living in a hot country with beautiful beaches and even more beautiful girls.

Lacey moved to Costa Rica in 1996 with a U.S. corporation. Located in San Carlos, in the center of the country, he was one of the first white men to live in that area. The reaction of the locals was incredible, he recalls.

“I would walk into a bar and everyone would stop and stare. They were incredibly friendly as they are now.” …..

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