Many people from different countries make Costa Rica their new home every year, and we have years of experience in all aspects of legal residency and relocation help. Come and enjoy the climate, the mountains and beaches, the rainforests and the great warmth of the people. These are some of the reasons why Costa Rica is such a popular location for living and retirement.



Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in Latin America and enjoys political and economic stability and a low crime rate. Tourism has seen unprecedented growth in recent years with many people from the United States of America and Europe visiting the countryside and beaches. 

Costa Rica offers great homes and real estate at low prices in a great climate with a low cost of living. Costa Rica is pura vida, which means “no worries.” Costa Ricans are very friendly and hospitable. This is considered the happiest country in Latin America and maybe the world. Unlike in many other countries, you truly do get away.


Cost of living

Costa Rica offers almost everything that you can find in North America, Canada or Europe, and there are also many local products. Most American, Canadian, European and Asian expats in Costa Rica spend much less money on day-to-day living expenses, since it is cheaper to live here than in their home countries. Of course the cost of living depends on your lifestyle but in most ways Costa Rica is much more affordable than other countries.

Many retired couples live very well on $2,000 per month, while some spend $2,500 depending on their lifestyle. This includes all of their living costs: housing, medical care, food, car or other transportation, utilities, internet, restaurants and entertainment. 

A single person can live on about $1,500 per month; many single people spend considerably less while others spend more for extras. Real estate in particular is much more affordable in Costa Rica, with North American-style homes available in nice neighborhoods at reasonable prices and with low property taxes.

Costa Rica has evolved to offer pretty much everything you can find in North America or Europe, even though some things are more expensive since they are imported. But you will always have quality products and services. Also, medical and dental services are much more affordable in Costa Rica than in North America and the quality of the services is great.



Free health care is provided through the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, commonly known as Caja. Costa Rica has invested heavily in public healthcare through the social security system. This has resulted in Costa Rica having the highest life expectancy in Central America, the second highest in Latin America, and the second highest in all the Americas, at 80.3 years, just behind Canada at 82.8 years and ahead of Chile at 80.1 years. 

Costa Rica also has a “Blue Zone” in Nicoya, Guanacaste, where many people live active lives past the age of 100. This may be due to the stress-free lifestyle, the warm weather, the importance of family, and in general a better quality of life.

There are three general national hospitals, five specialized national hospitals, eight regional hospitals, and 13 peripheral hospitals. They offer primary care, family and community medical services, and prevention programs. Patients can also choose private health care in accredited hospitals and with private doctors.



If you like beaches and spending your time having fun and relaxing, then you will love Costa Rica. We have both the Pacific Ocean coast and the Caribbean Sea coast, with beautiful beaches and white sand.

Since Costa Rica is located in the center of Central America, the geography is varied. This makes it an interesting location with rivers, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and tropical forests. There are three different mountain ranges in Costa Rica, two of which are volcanic. Due to different microclimate areas, the temperatures in Costa Rica vary from 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in the Central Valley. In beach areas, there’s a variation from 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night to 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. This makes for great choices in weather, depending on your preference for living and retirement.


Our services 

Our promise to you is this: Instead of locating real estate agents or private developers who direct you to their geographical area, thereby increasing their commission, we discover properties and locations that best fit your needs. 

This process might take over a year before you are ready to decide, and we are with you every step of the way. Our services to you, the buyer, are free. But that doesn’t mean I direct you to an agent or development and then walk away. You will have every contract approved by the finest attorneys in Costa Rica, with international experience if needed.

Establishing residency in Costa Rica is an extremely easy process with legal representation and average income and we have a wonderful associate to assist if you need. 

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Why "In Love With Costa Rica"?

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