Order in Our Home Restores Health and Order in Our Life

One of the best things we can do at the end or beginning of each year, with the greatest positive impact in our health, is to declutter our home. 

Ideally, we make a plan and start from the easiest places to declutter, moving on from there one by one to the most challenging locations.  

My suggestion for this month is that you create time during your week to commit to this activity. Slowly you will not only notice a big change in the energy of your house but also in the harmony between family members.  

Household “toxins” may include: 

  1. Objects you no longer use 
  2. Clothes that you don’t like, haven’t worn for a long time or don’t fit 
  3. Ugly things 
  4. Things that are broken or cracked 
  5. Old letters, notes, stuffed animals and gifts from exes 
  6. Dead or diseased plants 
  7. Old receipts, documents, newspapers and magazines 
  8. Expired medicine / remedies 
  9. Old socks with holes or stains 
  10. Old underwear with holes or stains  
  11. Worn shoes 
  12. Gadgets of all kinds that call you to the past 
  13. Old memories from weddings, baby showers, etc. 
  14. Photos of dead people  
  15. Ashes of a dead family member 
  16. Ceramic or glass ornaments that came as a pair; if one is damaged you get rid of both, otherwise it represents loneliness 


It is interesting to understand the energetic influence of clutter in our lives:  

  • In the basement and roof, this stuff becomes an overload 
  • At the entrance, it restricts the flow of life 
  • Stacked on the floor, it pulls us down 
  • Above us, it is our headaches 
  • On the bed, it pollutes sleep 
  • Spread around the house, it gorges on life, and represents an overload of emotions 


Direct benefits of decluttering your house: 

  • Health improves 
  • Creativity grows 
  • Relationships improve 
  • Greater capacity for reasoning 
  • Lightness in spirit and humor 
  • Abundance and fortune have a better flow into your life  


Questions to help me release old stuff 

  • Why am I keeping that? 
  • Does it have to do with me today? 
  • What will it feel like to release that?


It is very important that during this process we can separate and clarify all the stuff so we can donate, sell, gift, recycle or definitely throw away. 


Consider that everything outside of us is a reflection of our inner state. However, we can work with the material world in order to bring order in our mind. 


Here are some other important considerations to maintain a harmonious house environment. 

  • Avoid loud noises 
  • Avoid strong lights 
  • Avoid extreme colors 
  • Avoid chemical odors 
  • Avoid synthetic coatings 
  • Avoid anything that brings back sad memories  
  • Complete unfinished projects
  • Cultivate positive energy in your home


While you create order in your home, watch the movements happening in yourself. As we clean our physical home, we also put our minds and hearts in order! Don’t get attached to anything. If you start to detach yourself, a tremendous release of energy will happen within you. The energy that was involved in attachment to things now can bring new beginnings for a more harmonious life.  


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