The study of history is akin to a compass for humanity, guiding us through the intricate maze of the present and into the future. It offers invaluable insights into the successes and failures of the past, allowing us to draw lessons that inform our decisions today. By understanding where we come from, we gain a clearer perspective on where we are headed, helping us to avoid the pitfalls of the past and to replicate its triumphs. History is not just a record of bygone events; it’s a mirror reflecting the enduring qualities of human nature, societal dynamics, and the consequences of choices made. This awareness is crucial as we navigate the complexities of our ever-evolving world, ensuring that our steps forward are grounded in the wisdom gleaned from our collective journey.

What changes in 20, 40 to over 100 years to the Costa Rica landscape!

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Fotos Antiquas de Costa Rica y su History

Fotos Antiquas de Costa Rica


Talamanca, 1903  Map

Artillery Square. 1910  This block was the center of the old San José de la Villa del Monte. It was La Plaza (now the Central Bank), in which to the east was the hermitage and the cemetery (block where the Scaglietti store is located). When the parish church (where the Cathedral currently stands) was built, the Plaza Nueva (now Central Park) was formed.
Publication credits to whom it may apply.      Map

1920 in Limon. Burrocar waiting for the banana shipment. Map

Dulce Nombre de La Union 1924 ( Manuel Gomez Miralles)

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flag of costa rica


1916 and 2023 San Jose, Costa Rica. 4th Avenue and Central Street (southeast corner of Central Park). In the old intake, you can see a disappeared building, used in the past as a “House of Health”. Today, in the same place, there is a “fast food” (junk) sale.  Source: Old Photos of Costa Rica. Author of old photograph: Manuel Gómez Miralles. 2023 Comparative Edition: Rolando Alpízar (Rolo)


1928 and 2023   San Jose, Costa Rica  Avenue 0 (central) looking west, intersection with 4th street.
To the left of the old building, stands out the Bank of Costa Rica building, and its current version built in the same place.   Source old shot: Old photos of Costa Rica, shared by Manuel Cubero Vargas.
Author: Manuel Gomez Miralles.  Comparison Edition 2023 : Rolando Alpizar (Rolo).


1919 and 2023 San Jose, Costa Rica   Avenue 0 (central) looking east, intersection with 3rd street.

On the left is the southeast corner of the Steinvorth Building (barely a trace remains on the east side), in the next block to the left, the vanished Spanish Bookstore, and on the right is the Knörh Building, a witness to the passage of time.    Source of old photography: web compilation.
Old photograph Author: Manuel Gomez Miralles.   Comparison Edition 2023 : Rolando Alpizar (Rolo).

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