Timeless photographs capture the people, cities, cars, farms, and history of Costa Rica.

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1921 Casa de Adrian Collado Paseo Colon San Jose (top main photo)

  1. 1940 Train over the Eagle Bridge in El Fierro Three Rivers
  2. 1910 This photo is a part of the collection of Manuel Gomez Miralles, shows the soda La Eureka, in Heredia
  3. 1920 San Jose
  4. 1950 San Jose Central Avenue
  5. 1914 San Jose
  6. 1920 Principal Customs House of San Jose. Extraordinary image of cars that have just arrived from Limon by means of the railroad
  7. 1921 Parque Morazan students of the Superior College of Senoritas at the Centenary of Independence
  8. Early 20th-century tie coat typical appearance book lamp to read by ANCR Photographs Collection 4620, source National Archives of Costa Rica
  9. 1900 Construcción del Puente Sobre el Rio Rande de Atenas
  10. 1950s Carthage road to Hotel Irazu Hotel Robert
  11. 1920s Bar in the city of San Jose
  12. 1902 A beautiful and different panoramic view of the Nuestra Senora del Carmen temple and to the right of the municipal market of Carthage
  13. 1965 La Fortuna de San Carlos Cerro Arenal before the eruption
  14. 1935 Limon school earthy exercise
  15. 1904 Arrival of the train to the station in Limon

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