Rock Camp for Kids: Unforgettable Musical Experience in Guanacaste

Studio ’71 and Good Vibes Rock School joined forces in July to offer some unforgettable experiences for aspiring young musicians at Rock Camp for Kids. Participants from ages 8 to 16 came together in Guanacaste for five-day courses in Guanacaste on how to rock in more ways than one.

The sessions were directed by Colombian Latin pop singer-songwriter Fatiniza and mentored by performing musicians from the area. Who better than to show your kids how it’s done?! 

Even for those who have never picked up an instrument, the courses are designed to make rock stars out of any kid with the right attitude. They encourage each participant to be humble, confident, a team player, creative, and a problem solver.

“At Rock Camp for Kids, we don’t teach music, we experience music,” the organizers explain. “By creating a grassroots original music community, by encouraging your children to write new original songs and play real instruments, we are keeping the basic essence of music and creativity alive.”

Another goal of Rock Camp For Kids is to support and raise funds for the IREN Scholarship Foundation. A percentage of every Rock Camp fee is donated to a fund that helps underprivileged children with special education needs to benefit from IREN’s innovative learning programs.

Rock Camp for Kids is grateful to all the volunteers, mentors and special guests who brought an amazing amount of support and inspiration to the July 2023 sessions. Big thanks go out to:

  • Rock Camp Mentors – Eli Rojas Peralto, Pedro Lobo Gonzalez & Brandon
  • Special Guests – Sayaka McPherson, Pablo Martorello, Luiz Paez, Rodrigo Fonseca, Charly lopez, Ciara OShea and Joyanne Howell bringing her Yoga to every camp | 
  • Volunteer and parent — Ana Cortes
  • Venue — Potrero Brewing Company
  • Featured bands — Falling Stars, Galaxy Guitar and Stranger Danger

A unique opportunity

Rock Camp for Kids provides a unique opportunity for young people to participate in workshops on:

  • Playing an instrument they express an interest in or singing
  • Being in a band and working as a team
  • Songwriting
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Creating band logos
  • Setting up PA systems
  • Dressing & performing like a rock star

On the final day, participants rock what they’ve learned by performing as a real band on a real stage, with lights and sound, in a real venue, with real instruments for a real crowd. How cool is that? Rock ‘n’ roll baby!

Kids who already have an aptitude for an instrument, can stick with it or learn something new. It all depends on the dynamics of the band they are grouped with. Well-rounded musicians stay interested, so learning more than one instrument and learning to sing is the way to a bright future as a musician. 

Former participants are always welcome to come back to future camps so they can pick up a new instrument, play in a different band and build on their songwriting skills.

Rock Camp mentors understand better than anyone what hurdles must be overcome when starting out as a musician. As young ones, some of these hurdles are amplified. So the mentors take time to work through individual challenges in a nurturing and cooperative environment.

Each Rock Camp is limited to 16 kids and they are divided into bands of four kids. Sign up early to avoid disappointment.

To find out when the next camp is and enroll your child:
WhatsApp + 506 8811 4807 or email

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