Renaissance Institute, known as IREN, is a Costa Rican nonprofit organization focused on finding educational solutions for children and adults. Barely two weeks after our inauguration, the pandemic that shut the country down in March 2020 found us having to change course.  


New problems needed new solutions and IREN was there to find them. The prolonged isolation of children and growing concern of families guided IREN to its newest adventure. We coupled with Black Stallion and opened an educational nature center that allows children to return to nature while learning core subjects.  




IREN’s philosophy comes from years of frustration, study and innovation. To my role as director, I bring a Masters in Education and 25 years of experience in public, private and alternative classrooms, both as a teacher and a mother. My family’s frustration with education led us out of New York to Costa Rica and then jumping from school to school. I realized there was a better way and I would have to create it. 


I studied the brain, linguistics and alternative teaching methods for my adult Spanish language students and my children. My goal is to create a space for young people and adults to learn in their own way, where students can explore their own talents, find hidden ones and finally thrive. This is what I wanted for my children and what I have created for yours.


IREN believes that what some call a deficiency is actually a trove of abilities. We search for the strengths of people individually and learn their weaknesses, in this way giving each person power over them. IREN knows that every person has potential; it is just a matter of finding the key to unlock it. 


What does IREN offer?


IREN offers study methods, focused learning groups and individual tutoring. Computer science, reading, body expression, languages, painting, theatre, writing, drawing, mathematics, geography and history are part of our proposals to the local and international community.


Another IREN service is helping students and parents navigate online and remote education. IREN can guide students from online programs and offer a curriculum for home education. We teach students to navigate the system and make sure they complete their classwork. IREN can take any program your child works with and modify it in a project-based learning system.


IREN does not offer a diploma, degree or title; rather we tutor. We help students and parents navigate online and distance education. IREN has worked closely with the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica, various U.S. districts and distance learning programs and various Canadian educational systems, as well as the U.S. GED program. This enables us to take any program you work with and modify it into a project-based learning system. 


We can guide students in online programs, offer a curriculum for homeschooling or follow your country’s homeschooling requirements. IREN teaches your children to navigate the system themselves and make sure they are completing their assignments. We take the stress of homeschooling out of the home.


How do we do it?


We have all been offered alternatives in education before, but in the end we find ourselves in the same learning dynamics. IREN offers a controlled growth approach in each phase. 


In the current campus, IREN will offer 30 spots in our three programs: five students from ages 2 to 5, 15 students aged 6 to 11 and 10 students 12 years and older. Having so few enrolled in each age group allows us to focus completely on each student, taking the time to create an individual study plan and modify it as we go.  


These 30 students will have five dedicated educators catering to their educational and emotional needs, as well as supplementary professionals offering the opportunity to learn skills from masters. In addition, students utilize the 33 acres of lush forest in Black Stallion’s Eco Camp. There they learn survival skills, gardening and animal care, and in general, will strengthen their positive attitudes for life 


Why choose IREN?


If you are looking for a transitional place during the pandemic or a real change in the way your children are educated, or want to eliminate the stress of homeschooling, then you have a home in IREN. Your kids will love and look forward to coming each day. Our facilities are exceptionally spacious, well-equipped, modern and safe, helping to rapidly expand knowledge. 


Expect your children to return home full of stories about their experiences, and also sweaty and muddy from play and being outdoors. Your kids will find a love of math, reading and all other subjects. IREN will become your partner to resolve educational weaknesses and help heal emotional trauma.  


This is what IREN does!


IREN continues to help the community by organizing clothing donations and now is hoping to get computers into the homes of local families. We are currently raising money to bring hundreds of donated laptops to the schools, nonprofit organizations and families that have suffered educationally from a lack of technology.  


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