Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

I am glad everyone is alive and kicking. In this article, I will be your personal integrative nutrition coach with tips for entrepreneurs interested in developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that if any of your questions or concerns are not addressed here, please contact me directly as soon as possible. Your body and mind wellness must be a priority. 

Let’s go straight to the point. I will give you some healthy lifestyle tips that can help you thrive.


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At work



I advise all business owners to create a work environment conducive to positive energy. Even if you work alone, having a clean, organized and peaceful place is essential to make the right energy flow around you.  


Make sure you are sitting correctly and using a comfortable chair to provide good back support. I encourage you to read this informative article in Howler’s July 2020 e-magazine about preventing and treating lower back pain.


Set a priority list once a week. Make a list of all the duties that must be complete every day. Having an organized plan will save you time and help you know where your focus and energy will be.   


At home


These tips apply to all entrepreneurs working at home, whether you are the only one living there or sharing your space with kids and/or other adults.


Either way, your home workplace is part of your personal space. Maintaining order and cleanliness throughout helps provide a calm environment and enables you to relax. 


Additional time management responsibilities are a tradeoff for the convenience and cost savings of running a home business. Make sure you have time for cleaning, organizing, preparing meals, grocery shopping and other household tasks. Schedule your routine chores by allocating one per day, such as Monday for grocery shopping, Tuesday for kids’ laundry, Wednesday for deep kitchen cleaning, etc. Or you can select one day to do all. 




Your body is your sanctuary. Make sure to take care of yourself very well. Try to balance the following to maintain good integrative health.


Sleep well


Your body needs to rest and restore. Try to sleep for eight hours. 


If your sleep is interrupted by waking in the middle of the night, consider possible reasons and solutions.

  • To avoid the need for multiple trips to the bathroom, try curbing your intake of liquids before bedtime.
  • If you are waking up worried about the future, prepare your next day’s plan or schedule before going to bed … even each afternoon before ending the workday. 
  • If you have trouble falling back to sleep quickly, meditate, breathe calmly or pray. 




Your whole body needs liquids, mostly water. If you are not well hydrated, you can lose energy and focus. You can become easily irritated. You can have muscle cramps and other physical symptoms.


If you think that you are not consuming enough water, try these adjustments to your liquid consumption.

  • Change coffee with green tea.
  • Change artificial juices with green juices.
  • Drink warm water when you wake up every morning.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal.



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Eat Well

I’m not in a position to give you an exact formula to help you balance your plates. Instead I can offer general concepts, so depending on your needs, you can manage and improve your food intake. 


  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to add as many vegetables as you can in your meals. Enjoy fruits for snacks and desserts. 
  • Lower your white flour and sugar consumption. Try to skip the tempting bread served in restaurants, or find alternatives to sandwiches for dinner. Prepare more salads or grill vegetables to exchange for the bread or pasta. It is not that you should never have bread or pasta, but rather have them less often each week. 
  • Consume chocolate with a higher % of cocoa and less sugar. Cocoa is an excellent source of micronutrients.
  • Incorporate “good” fats in your diet. Nuts, avocado, chia, flaxseed and salmon are examples of recommended edible fatty acid sources. 


Move your bod

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Physical activity is essential to ensure your body is healthy. From yoga to running and swimming to paddle boarding, the range of preferences are endless. Your vital objective is to make your muscles work and lubricate your joints. Focus on having a healthy body from the inside out. 




Life is a one-time proposition. We need to be grateful for every new day we live. Relax, laugh and enjoy time with your family and friends. 



Remember, there is no single perfect formula for a healthy lifestyle. Test new habits and make adjustments one step at a time. 


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Live well, live happily!

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