Happy June to all of you!

This month’s Entrepreneur CR article is dedicated to an extraordinary worldwide celebration: Global Wellness Day. 

My most important reason for doing so is to let Howler readers know that Global Wellness Day is being celebrated here in Costa Rica … woohoo! I’m thrilled, because having good health must be a priority on everyone’s agenda today. 

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Let’s start from the beginning. What is Global Wellness Day (GWD)?

GWD is a non-profit organization founded by Belgin Aksoy in Turkey in 2012. The vision was to make one full day of complimentary wellness activities accessible to anyone in the world. This annual event is celebrated on the second Saturday of every June. Its purpose is to make people ask themselves, “How can I live a healthier and better life?”

My second important reason for choosing this Howler article topic is that I am more than pleased to be part of the Global Wellness Day Costa Rica in 2021. Yes! This is huge for me. I’m excited to share this as part of my mission to provide every possible tool for helping you develop a healthy business and lifestyle. 

Costa Rica’s GWD Ambassador is Laura Barrantes Requeno, an entrepreneur who has dedicated 21 years working in the tourism sector. In recent years, Laura has become particularly committed to wellness tourism, and is the founder of the Costa Rica Tourism Association of Wellness. 

Mark your calendar

Saturday, June 12 is the important date to mark on your calendar. Laura has built a team to promote strong participation in GWD Costa Rica as a show of support to the rest of the world.  

One way that GWD encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle is through the GWD 7-Step Manifesto. These simple steps to follow are:

  • Walk for an hour
  • Drink more water
  • Don’t use plastic bottles 
  • Eat healthy food
  • Do a good deed
  • Have a family dinner with your loved ones
  • Sleep at 10 pm

The third reason I choose to talk about this in my monthly Howler article relates to the global pandemic. I believe we can all fight it together by creating and sustaining healthy habits to help prevent diseases. 

I became an integrative nutrition coach because I suffered from gastritis since I was young — in my 20s. I knew deep inside that there must be more reasons than my eating habits to cause this impact on my health. And yes, in the middle of my coaching training, I realized that emotional states could be part of a disease progression, and more than 50 % of its cause. Now I am able to  handle my stress, anxiety and other potential factors to avoid developing a health issue. It is sometimes a little tricky, but not impossible!

So, with no more to say about myself, I encourage  you to choose one of the seven GWD Manifesto’s steps — perhaps one that seems relatively easy for you — and start practising. 

If you want to participate with us in Global Wellness Day Costa Rica, please contact me! We will be very happy to have more people sharing  their healthy living tools to increase awareness and support the wider GWD community. 

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Stay healthy and safe!!!


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