Cómo están, my fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, working moms and friends? 


Before I started to brainstorm about what I was going to write for this Howler article, I searched for my the last three ones: 

Emotional Intelligence

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs
How to Apply Mindfulness to Business


I consider these topics especially relevant to the unprecedented times we are living in. I hope you have read them, and if not, this is a good time to do it. 


So, I realized that I have been very serious about giving the best guidance I can to those who need to embrace their well-being. Today, I sat down and thought, I need people to feel good … to feel fantastic, in fact! So I decided to change the vision and come up with something different for all of you and myself. Let’s get ready for a challenge to be AWESOME!


Do you know that we can feel good and be good daily? We need to pay attention and insert more habits to help us live a happier life. Those habits that give us a good result are the ones we should keep for the long term. 


With this intention, let’s make our plan.


Our goal is to feel good, no matter what! And more importantly, it’s to enjoy the journey. Many people think that when they reach their goal, that will be the moment that they will embrace the feeling of satisfaction. But we have been wrong about that along the way. We need to feel good every step of the way, even when we need to take one step back. 


We learn from good and bad experiences, so even if we need to experience a bit of dissatisfaction, we can have a way to feel good again.


Now, to focus on being awesome, I will give you some techniques.


  1. Wake up every day and express gratitude. Feel good because you live, breathe, move, have a job, have family and have enough. Take five minutes every morning to express your gratitude to God, the universe, and anyone who is giving you a reason to live. 
  2. Connect your mind with your body. Walk, run, jog … any kind of exercise. Do anything that makes your body move; use the energy to create more power. Detox your last day’s thoughts and bring forth new and positive ones. 
  3. Set your clock five minutes earlier. This action gives you the advantage to arrive five minutes earlier to any place, appointment or date. Use these five minutes for breathing and enjoying the moment.
  4. Get a book about something that you have been curious about for a long time. Allow yourself to learn something different, and that keeps you engaged in it. When you know new things, your brain makes you feel good. 
  5. Listen to music that you like. Create a new playlist for your workout, for a relaxing time and dancing. Let the music transmit its good vibes.
  6. Try essential oils. The sense of smell can detonate emotions. Try citrus oils like orange, grapefruit and lemon, which help you increase energy. And try lavender or chamomile if you want to feel more relaxed.\
  7. Contact an old friend who always makes you feel good — that one who makes you laugh and has a positive influence on you. People with good energy and vibes will energize you positively.
  8. Eat vegetables and fruits. They will give you micronutrients essential for efficient body functions. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants will impulse your body to regenerate and be in balance. 


You can choose the techniques that are simpler and more practical for you. The idea is to create new habits that help you to be in a good mood. If you feel good, you will be more focused and more productive. 


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Let’s be awesome together. Pura vida!

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