Lobster Salad Ingredients

This Lobster Salad is refreshing and a great complement to your dinner or even as a main course. Made with mangos and passion fruit it combines amazing flavors.

30 grm cucumber
80 grm lobster
15 grm diced mango

1 passion fruit
5 grm sugar
3 oz rice vinegar

Lobster Salad Preparation

Wrap the lobster tail with plastic film and aluminum foil,making like a sausage. Cook in boiling water 12 min.

Puree the passion fruit, rice vinegar, and sugar in a blender.

Take out the lobster and put it in ice water until it cools down.
Take wrappings away.

Cut it in slices and serve it over a bed of thin cucumber slices. Finish it with the passion fruit vinaigrette and diced mango.

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