Are you already wondering how next year will be? Do you want to plan to have the best year possible?


I will give you a practical tool to keep your focus on 2021 goals. It’s called a vision board. Many entrepreneurs, athletes and others striving for specific desired outcomes, create a vision board to keep their mind on the target. It is so simple that you can make one too, even if only for your personal goals.


A vision board is a set of images and other content placed together on a piece of paper or poster board, in a notebook or on the wall, or pretty much anywhere using any combination of media you like for text and images. Virtual vision boards are another option if you prefer an electronic format. 


The main idea is that the collection of pictures and other content represents your vision. It serves as a tangible, visible reminder of your wishes. 


What are your wishes for the new year ahead? These are your goals. So the first vision board step is to write your 2021 goals as precisely as possible. Below are some questions to help you get started. Have a pencil and a paper ready and let’s begin.


First things first


Putting your personal life first is important … in fact, I consider it essential. If certain things are not going smoothly in your personal life, it won’t be easy to track your professional goals.


  1. What are the personal objectives you want to accomplish next year?
    • How do you envision your health?
    • How do you envision your physical body?
    • Where do you want to be (visiting or living)?
    • Where do you want to go on vacation?
    • Who do you want to be with and share with next year?
    • How do you want to feel?

Imagine yourself in the perfect state, in the ideal location with the most important people around. Envisioning this state will give you staying power with your professional goals.



  1. What are the professional objectives you want to accomplish next year?
    1. Where do you want your company to be?
    2. How many clients do you want to have?
    3. How many different products do you like to offer?
    4. What revenue do you want to have?
    5. Do you want to hire assistance staff?
    6. How much do you want to save?


There are many other questions you might ask about professional objectives, depending on your business.


Add tangible, visual elements


By clarifying these personal and professional goals, you can start your vision board. The next step is to add content that represents your goals: images, words, products, places, phases, or anything defining your goals = your vision. 


For your first image, look through photos to find one depicting your best self — the person that you love to be. Yes! I said a photograph of yourself. We can always be the best version of ourselves. That is why I suggest starting with a photo of that.


Next, collect photos that reflect your goals. For example, if you want to remodel your house, search online for the details you wish to apply to your home design — the more specific, the better. 


Find photos of the people you love and wish to be surrounded by. Add them to your vision board to keep them near, no matter how far away they are geographically.


Look for a picture of places you want to visit; familiar or unexplored, it doesn’t matter. The point is to be constantly exposed to every place you want to see. 


Find phrases that add power to your visions. Write a list of your strengths. Look for different phrases that fit each one of your strong points. 


Now, for your professional vision, carry out the same steps. Look for successful companies similar to your business, so you can have the best examples to lead a great company. 


Finally, keep your vision board in a prominent, visible location where you can see it often. Dream about it as much as you can.

If you want to start a vision board project, I would love to know how it goes!

Contact me at or on Instagram@Movimiento Sattva.


I wish you the best and a happiest 2021 that you envision!

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