The World Coffee Challenge is an international coffee competition celebrating and empowering coffee producers and their coffees of excellence. Only coffees that are roasted at origin and a true emanation of their terroir can enter the competition.

The tasting was conducted during Termatalia 2022 in Ourense, Spain, under the Precedence of Mercedes Gonzales. The Award Ceremony was announced for the best coffees in the world in the international competition in Galicia.


World Coffee Challenge Philosophy

Existing coffee championships celebrate baristas and roasters, undermining coffee as a terroir product. Coffee-focused competitions require producers to send their coffee green, to be roasted in a standardized fashion, and to be promoted only to green coffee buyers.

The World Coffee Challenge wants to promote coffee as a finished terroir product, like all agricultural products of quality. This means roasting is a part of the production process and needs to be performed locally. Judging coffee, therefore, means tasting the final product that has been crafted in its country of origin, incorporating all the elements as one. The final note and prize apply to the roasted coffee, ready to consume.

Arabica Honey

1st – Green Communities Miel

2nd – Batalla Café Gourmet


Arabica Natural

1st – Green Communities Natural


Continental Awards

Green Communities Natural


Special Awards

Special Prize of the Jury

Green Communities


Women’s Coffee

2nd – Batalla Café Gourmet


Organic Coffee

Café Rosa Blanca


Sustainable Coffee

Winner – Batalla Café Gourmet

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