Ulises “Ulillo” Rivera is a self-taught artist who was born in Mexico but raised in Costa Rica, where he currently resides. From a very young age, Ulilo Rivera was influenced by art. He studied graphic design but it was on the walls that he found his medium. He started doing graffiti in the year 2012, in which his great interest in street art led him to develop a style influenced by geometric shapes.


With a solid graphics identity, Rivera’s murals and canvases are based on the use of color, textures and shapes to create geometric abstractions that play with different dimensions to convey strength and depth in his work. 


As an artist, his inspiration is born from the visual richness of where he lives. With the knowledge acquired about shapes, color and composition, Ulilo uses a language that speaks about the artist’s surrounding environment. This combination of aesthetics and ideas led him to develop a unique style, allowing him to differentiate between the street art scene in Costa Rica. 


Rivera’s artistic style carries a different message to all his viewers. As part of his contribution to social enrichment, it is born out of the necessity of space recovery. Ulillo searches for a different support — either a wall or facade — which can be intervened to illustrate the public space. By changing the scenery of the city, he makes art accessible to anyone. 

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