A Photographic Journey Around Costa Rica

Howler invites you to behold some of the wondrous landscapes, seascapes and wildlife inhabitants of Costa Rica on this photographic journey led by Paul German. The Canadian-born adventurer turned photographer has touched foot on all seven continents during his years of travels, explorations and discoveries.

German’s passion for imagery started at a young age, as he developed his skills while spending time in back-country regions of the world. It was there that he nurtured his belief that true imagery must tell a story. There is power in the details! Instead of rushing to capture a photographic scenario, Paul enjoys sitting, watching and taking in the environment before he starts shooting. 

Paul’s versatility of subject encompasses nature, wildlife, macro, patterns, commercial and creative. His home base now is in Costa Rica, where the howler monkeys, surf and volcanoes are his neighbours.

One of the amazing places you can visit in the interior of Costa Rica is an authentic finca, or farm. Prepare to enjoy farm-to-table food, exciting discoveries and locals who are as friendly as the pura vida we live by. Alejandro runs La Carolina Lodge in Bijagua and is awaiting your next visit.

Exploring Costa Rica takes you through many different environments. This country offers a wide range of places to stay with incredible infinity pools and spectacular views. This one, overlooking Arenal Volcano, is usually shrouded in cloud.

The variety of wildlife in this country is off the charts. Among the fantastic abundance of common animals, you will find many endangered species as well. These great green macaws are very rarely spotted, as there are less than 2,000 left.

Surfing and adventure sports are a large attraction in Costa Rica. All over the country you find enthusiasts getting “barrelled.”

Wildlife miracles happen monthly in coastal Costa Rica. On Ostional Beach, the turtle hatchlings are astonishing to witness. This little guy was followed from the departure from its egg, down to the sand and its first sip of the salty sea.

Everywhere you go in Costa Rica you will find different wildlife species, but one of the common denominators is the howler monkey. Whether you are visiting the coast or the jungle, these guys are always apt to wake you up in the morning with the loud call from the tree tops.

Without a doubt, sunsets are a defining factor of Costa Rica. Coastal moments like this are spectacular and being in the ocean watching is even better.

Costa Rica lives by one motto: Pura Vida / Pure Life. It is in our veins, waiting for you to come and experience. Everyone in this country has smiles on their faces, are friendly and inviting and live the pura vida lifestyle.


Toucans can be seen flying all over the interior of Costa Rica. They are mystical birds with long beaks that love eating berries. Always a pleasure to see at any time.

Large and small, Costa Rica has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. With multiple, distinctively different climate zones and ecosystems, you will always find something exciting no matter where your next visit takes you. This red-eye tree frog is a Costa Rica classic — hard to find, nocturnal and simply amazing.

Sunsets, surfing, beach fires, fresh fruit, fish, veggies, yoga, long walks and community spirit — all this awaiting on your next visit to this incredible country.

Photo Credit:

Paul. E. German Photography

Paul German

International photographer and adventurer

Instagram: @paul.e.german  / +506 8868 3046