With the dry season in Costa Rica’s northwest region near the Pacific coast, there’s one thing that remains green in the brown and drought-ridden hillsides: cacti.

Usually, when you think of the tropics or Central America, cacti probably aren’t on your top list of vegetation to discover. Although cacti are not native to Costa Rica, several hundred varieties can be grown here. 

Usually the country’s drier regions are where you’ll find these prickly plants. Plus, with their forgiveness toward the “brown thumbs” among us, cacti can be found indoors as house plants. Many people also enjoy landscaping with some varieties of cacti.

On a recent sailing adventure, we anchored at an isolated bay where thousands of cacti were growing on the hillside. Some reached over eight or 10 feet, but their roots only required one small gap in the rocks to take root and flourish. These trichocereus spachianus — commonly known as the golden torch cactus — are just one variety you’ll discover in Costa Rica.

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