Learning Spanish words for what to do with your hands is like unlocking a secret code to a world of gesticulated magic. Imagine you’re a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of motions—think “abrir” (to open) as you dramatically fling open imaginary doors, or “cerrar” (to close) with a swift, final clap. And let’s not forget “lavar” (to wash), where you can practice your best hand-washing dance, and “secar” (to dry), which is your cue for an air-guitar solo with a towel. Mastering “aplaudir” (to clap) ensures you’re always the life of the party, while “escribir” (to write) gives you an air of scholarly mystery as you scribble invisible notes. Learning these words isn’t just educational; it’s a full-on performance art piece that makes your Spanish lessons a standing ovation-worthy experience!

acariciar — caress


agarrar — grab


aplaudir — clap


estripar — squeeze


frotar — rub


oprimir — press (like a button) or squeeze (like a strong handshake)


palmear — pat (like on the back)


pellizcar — pinch (like to hurt someone or to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming)


prensar — press


presionar — apply pressure to


rascar — scratch


sobar — rub


tocar — touch


torcer — twist


tocar musica — play music


tronar los dedos — snap your fingers


signo de paz — peace sign


saludar — greet


tocar a la puerta  — knock the door

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