Welcome to Peter Grob’s world, where no creature is too small to steal the big spotlight. The Switzerland native describes himself as an ambitious amateur photographer with a preference for macro models and a passion for jumping spiders. 

Howler readers are invited to cozy up to this special selection of species that Grob caught on camera while traveling in Costa Rica. All except the jumping-spiders and robber fly were photographed at night. 

Prepare to be awestruck when viewing more of his work at and on Instagram@p_grob.

Naturalist Guide Mathieu Griffon INSTAGRAM


Correction for the digital magazine:

This is a „Cupiennius sp.“, not a „Phoneutria“.
This is the „Phoneutria depilata“
This is not a „Corythalia sp.“, it’s a male „Cobanus sp.“ and it was also taken with the Olympus-Setup.

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