Howler readers are invited to tune in to the Ocho Verde Wildlife Channel on YouTube, featuring our jungle animal wildlife adventures in southern Costa Rica. We are always uploading videos of the amazing animals that we find in the rainforest.


We utilize trail camera videos of unusual animals that live in our forest. Some videos capture any snakes or lizards that we come across on day and night hikes. It’s always in a fun spirit. 


We may even include videos of a cool day trip that we took, with some of the sights, sounds and food we had. It’s usually pretty good too. We may explore some of the customs and traditions that make the people of Costa Rica unique.


So jump in with us and take a look at why we enjoy this place so much!


We are involved in many wildlife projects, from big cat conservation to snake awareness. We provide simple laminated charts for local people to easily and quickly distinguish a venomous snake from the non-venomous ones. This keeps people and the snakes out of danger.


All proceeds from your likes and subscriptions, or ad revenue, go back into rainforest initiatives.

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