There’s an open invitation to let Nohara Estates take you on a journey with their exclusive stream of properties in Costa Rica. Embrace a large portfolio of luxury real estate located in beautiful surrounds throughout the entire country, while you cruise through their latest range of carefully selected villas, apartments, townhouses, condos and more.

Cesar  stepped down from conventional realty as he met the founders of Nohara International Group, and he was offered the opportunity to import the Master Franchise to Latin America as part of their expansion plan. So, thanks to right connections and focus shifts in Cesar’s life, Nohara Estates Costa Rica was born.

Now, along with his 30-year-experienced partner, Mark Randall (with whom he launched the venture), they operate as Franchise Founders and Master Brokers for the expanding brand in the region. Thanks to their sophisticated international network of connections, they have exclusive deals with projects developers in the Central and North Pacific of Costa Rica. Several offshore firms now confidently delegate over $35M plus in property transactions with Nohara.

And their portfolio will grow even more this year. The arena in which Cesar and Mark specializes is in the Luxury Markets linked to “Pura Vida” lifestyle. This expression means “Pure Life”, Costaricans “mantra”.

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Mark Randall

Mark has always had a deep passion for the real estate industry. Having initiated Chicago’s very first “Hotel Condo Project” better known as the largest condominium conversion in the history of the U. S. After a blessed tenure in and around Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, he joined The Palazzo Tornabuoni, broadening his horizons even further.

The desire to challenge himself through real estate led Mark to settle in Costa Rica 9 years ago. As an urban dweller, he can personally attest as to how the ideas and concept of pura vida can positively impact his clients’ lives.


Phone: +506 8310 4605

Cesar Diaz

As an exemplary certified realtor, strategic business development expert Cesar understands how the luxury real estate market in Costa Rica stands out as classic and innovative.

As an expert B2B and Fintech strategy consultant, he has always considered integrity as the number one ingredient in every transaction. This is no exception when serving his clients at Nohara Estates. His unnerving commitment to excellence, quality of service, and confidentiality are his hallmarks.


Phone: +506 8381 2043 


While no one required their Real Estate Agent to have degrees in Classical Literature, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what César’s clients get, who even was a university professor before acknowledging that teaching was not for him. However, he took his forged writing and communication skills for himself and honed them to become an entrepreneur.

He stepped into the copywriting and content creation fields. To land more opportunities, he attended multiple networking events in San Jose (Costa Rica’s capital), mainly in the buoyant and glamorous Escazú city, well known as “Costa Rican Beverly Hills”. One of those events was not the typical, “business round-up”. It was a more casual and chill mingling event with a more “European-feel” of social interaction doing business with a nice glass of wine.  CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE

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