In the January Howler (click here) I shared why I committed to seeing if Life Booster would be an asset for my health.

I had my follow-up appointment to see the results of how six months of 3 IV treatments AND following the doctor’s “prescription” of diet, exercise, and supplements turned out.
Like many alternative health options, so many have so much to share with opinions, perspectives, “hearsay” and their experiences.
But when I see the initial test results (photo 1 below) and the 6-month follow-up results (photo 2) and the reality of how I believe my overall health is now at, I can’t refute both realities.
EVERY area had an improvement from my second test. The ranges varied from 13% for my digestive system (which has always been an issue) to 50% on my skeleton evaluation. So the IV treatments AND following the prescribed health, supplements, and exercise did all have a role in my overall health improvement.
Realizing that everyone’s results may vary, all I can do is recommend you do your research and at least schedule a consultation to see what LifeBooster may be able to assist you with.
Just two of several results:

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