We often form our medical opinions based on our upbringing, experiences, and traditions. We know there are a variety of thoughts concerning the healthcare system in North America. From the “they want to keep us sick” to the “there are other viable options” for health care.  

After battling a congestion bug for three weeks and a lot of work-related stress, my body just felt worn out in November. With a busy schedule and a conscience of the reality of making my health a priority, I read up on Life Booster, whose office is just down the road from where I live.


I wasn’t going to tell the doctor too much

of what I had going on…Terry



I reviewed their ad in Howler and made an appointment. I was greeted warmly and offered hot tea of my choice. I did not tell the doctor anything except recovering from the congestion illness and feeling worn out.

He prescribed a “concoction” of a variety of vitamins and explained the significance of each. I was searching for solutions and just trusted in his judgment for the IV treatment.

Following the IV, I returned to the doctor’s office where he explained the exam he was going to do. He gave me headphones and I thought to myself, “What kind of hocus pocus is this?”

He then revealed the results of that exam. Surprisingly…four main areas of concern spiked on the computer screen for various parts of my body. The exam was 100% correct on what I knew were issues like emotional health, high blood pressure, colon abnormalities, and teeth/mouth issues.

The doctor laid out a proposal for natural medicine, exercise, and adjusting eating habits. We planned a second appointment for six weeks later.

Honestly, I am far better six weeks later after my first visit. I took another “concoction” at the 2nd visit and after two more, we’ll redo the exam to see the goal of reduced numbers in those areas of concern.

So I’m looking forward to sharing part II, the follow-up in March’s edition of Howler Magazine.

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