The 4th edition of the Mother Earth Festival is approaching, expectations are rising for the annual meeting in favor of nature. This event is more than music, games, cinema and ecological reflections, it is a showcase for environmental organizations to show their experiences, for the confluence of different generations and the enjoyment of local food with its different international variants…without plastic or chemical preservatives.

The Festival’s purpose is to be a cry of hope, it is the conscious connection to nature; here the sensitivity that the arts offer us, the contributions we obtain from the sciences and the mobility that allows us to meet and strengthen the social fabric come together. Celebrating Mother Earth is giving birth to actions that visualize the coming changes.

Different generations will be able to play, dance and learn on June 29 and 30 in Nuevo Arenal, in front of the Lake. It is a gift to have different musical groups with rhythms and messages in favor of nature. Likewise, there will be children’s activities with environmental themes, relaxation with yoga, walking and bird watching with specialized professionals.

Hundreds of people will come from different parts of the country and even the world; some camp and others stay in the wide range that Nuevo Arenal offers: Cabins, inns and hotels with wonderful views of Lake Arenal. Many volunteers are joining the organization to have security, creativity and a festival at the height of what nature demands today and society deserves.

This edition of the Festival is being manifested by a new level of cooperation between various organizations and a wide range of community volunteers that seek to reach better quality standards and a greater reach in activities and surprises. To facilitate coverage of event costs, and raise funds for ongoing environmental and educational initiatives, local businesses are being asked to support sponsorship and interested individuals are being asked to make donations to the new Green Community Fund via Sinpe at 70133992 or with a bank deposit: CR06015105220010087981, which will be managed by La Red de Pueblos Polinizadores and Comida Resiliente.

Climate vulnerability incentives us to provide urgent environmental education responses. Generating initiatives at different scales that help mitigate the effects of the voracity of the economic system is significant:  pollinator gardens, environmental talks, community gardens, collective reflections, ecological projects and new agricultural practices…this is the purpose of the Community Green Fund. More pollinators, more life!


It would be a pleasure if you all could add the dates of the Festival to your agendas, and help spread our reflections and experiences channeled from our website: Hope is on our side, we are waiting for you!

The Artwork shown in the above photo was Painted by Paula Riveros C. and Arttitude Pura Vida for the 2023 Mother Earth Festival at Arenal.


Fabricio Briceño G.

Sociocultural researcher


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