Los Altos Resort

Why Los Altos? Well, for a start, it is one of the few destinations that still owns a private and secluded beach, guarded by cliffs. What also must be mentioned is that it’s a mere few kilometers from Quepos. 


This quaint town stands proud, in the province of Puntarenas, and famous for being the portal to the most visited national park in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is a small, yet immensely popular reserve in the Central Pacific. Quepos is also home to more than enough welcoming restaurants, clubs and bars to help fill your days and nights with delightful entertainment. The beautiful marina adds to the appeal of this charming community. And if you are keen, it holds the reputation of being one of the best big-game fishing locations! 

The dreamy beach at Los Altos is the epitome of a unique, au-natural refuge for you; and never fear, as the resort shuttle is always near. This glorious stretch of sublime ocean expanse allows you much-needed time to unwind. It’s your time to fall in love with this peaceful space, and revel in the backdrop of lush and vibrant flora and fauna. Of course, you need only get there, to feel the guaranteed connection. Only then, does it become obvious why you chose to stay at Los Altos. 

Sincere conservation remains on the minds of many, along with an understanding that the natural environment is what makes Costa Rica so real. Los Altos Resort was constructed in such a way that its impact on the vegetation has been minimal, giving you the opportunity to experience the area in the most authentic way. 

With an emphasis on luxury, Los Altos was never built at the expense of the surrounding, established, natural vegetation and continues to keep you inspired. We couldn’t be happier, knowing that you are safe and comfortable. Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to be at one with nature, going beyond the ecosystem of a myriad of plants and animal existence. We chose to position our luxury resort in this part, because we recognized how powerful the presence of tropical nature is.  

Depending on your mood and ability, breathe … go with the flow, and explore the maze of trails through the eco-forests at your own pace. Take a hike down to the ocean, and rest assured, there is no shortage of magnificent sights for you to wonder at through our network, which offer delightful walks to experience the diversity of its surroundings. 

From exploration comes discovery, resulting in true memories you hold forever in your hearts!

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