It is inspiring to see the number of people in the Jacó community that work to help others. No doubt all that positive energy spreads and leads to asking more people how they can help make a difference. Recently a couple of local fishermen came up with a great idea to donate fish to feed families in need, which then led to them creating their own foundation with aspirations to now doing much more than just helping feed families.


A Reel Difference is a program initiated by Justin DeBoom and Captain Brandon Walton, who fish out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina. While they have seen several great organizations and causes in the Jacó area, they always felt there was an opportunity for more. Specifically, they thought there were limited opportunities where bigger donors in the U.S. could make tax-deductible contributions.


With the donations, they plan to feed more families by utilizing the world-class charter fleet. Supporting these local fishermen who have not had a client since March is another way to improve the lives of all those affected. They also plan to sponsor educational days in the town of Herradura and Jacó to teach children and teens the potential for a better life through work in the fishing world. Finally, they support other local organizations that strive to better our coastal communities through education, cleanup, and conservation! The great news is that their foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization that qualifies for donors in the U.S. to receive tax deductions when they donate. Learn more and help the cause by going to their website.

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