Attention dog lovers: in the last few weeks I have been attending an increased number of patients with kennel cough. Everyone mentions the same “i think my dog has something stuck in its throat”, but in reality it’s tracheobronchitis. The irritation might last 8-15 days, and much shorter in vaccinated pets. Only severe cases need medication, mostly puppies, seniors, or dogs with a predisposition to respiratory problems like brachiocephalic breeds.

    Some good tips, in case your dog catches kennel cough: 

     >Keep in isolation from other dogs, and avoid parks and pet care centers, because it’s highly contagious. 
     >Change water constantly and disinfect the areas where the dog stays, also wash beds and pet toys. 
      >Avoid using shocking collars. 
      >Barking will make the irritation worse, keep your dog as calm as possible.
    If the nose and throat discharge or “foam” gets yellowish or reddish and the fever increases, please call your vet to get a full check up and opportune treatment.

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