Welcome, my fellow entrepreneurs, to a new month with new challenges, situations and expectations among others. As business owners, we know our plans, but we never know the actual events in our future. 


The best way to confront an uncertain situation is by putting a smile on your face — let’s always try to keep practising positive thinking. This will seem more critical as you continue reading. 


Those of you who have read my previous Howler articles might know that I love to write based on my own experiences and situations. These bits of advice are what I believe to be essential for any entrepreneur in this changing world. 


The reality I was recently forced to confront is that complicated and robust situations can take over your life and plans in an instant! This can lead us to fall and hit a wall that none of us ever want to encounter: the wall of stress. 

How To Build A Inner Resilience Character Get strong

Cómo construir un carácter de resiliencia interior

I hate being stressed, mostly because I am an anxious person by nature. That is why I work every day to be resilient and overcome any adverse situation with tools and techniques to keep me positive and productive. This is essential to maintain a good performance that will keep my business going. 


As entrepreneurs, we depend on our energy to keep up with the tasks and actions in our plan to attain the income that sustains our business and personal life. 


So, let me suggest a few ways to build resilience. Let’s begin with its meaning:


RESILIENCE [rəˈzilyəns]

Noun: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


  • Fight the stress


Recognize and analyze the situation. Why do you feel anxious, angry, frustrated, in pain or depressed? You need to understand your emotions, why they are taking over your mind, and your ability to function as usual.

So, calm down! Take big breaths, cry, take a walk, talk with someone you trust, and liberate your mind from the stress’s oppression.

We don’t make good decisions when we are under pressure, so it is essential to be calm. Sometimes it is easier, sometimes not, so take your time!


  1. Create solutions

Building resilience is about creating this character in your mind to build new plans out of difficult circumstances. Be critical of the situation, but not of yourself! You are human, and we can all make mistakes. We have the right to fall apart and then rise again.

So, think about how you psychologically can regain your energy and continue with your life and plans. Find again the positive attitude that helps you to be focused and productive. 


Then, make a plan to resolve the issue. There is always a solution; maybe you like it better than another solution, or maybe not. But finding the answer to your problem will give you peace of mind. 


  • Work for the future

It is essential to have healthier habits in our life, to build physical and psychological strength. A healthy lifestyle will make you resilient faster. 


A physical activity routine, eating healthy most of the time and sharing time with your loved ones and friends are a good start. You can also work on loving your job, practising gratitude, taking self-care time and healthier sleep habits. These are some of the actions that complement a lifestyle to help build inner resilience character. 


Our plan should be to create the best version of ourselves to become a warrior — a strong human who can fall and rise again even in bad situations. 


Remember to give a hand to those who are going through difficult situations and demonstrate that together we are stronger. 


More importantly, we should lead our children to have a healthy and balanced life so when growing up, they create inner resilience in their character. This will equip them to win over any problem in their future. 


Do you want to be more resilient? I am more than happy to help you. 

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Stay strong and happy!

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