Dear fellow entrepreneurs: I think most of you might feel like I do — excited to begin a new year. Here we are in December, just 31 days away from starting 2022. Are you ready to make a plan to wrap up 2021 and prepare to start a next year with new resolutions?

As an integrative nutrition coach, I take care of five critical areas of a person’s life:

  • Your diet
  • How you handle work
  • Your most important personal relationships
  • Exercise.
  • Your spiritual connection

In this article, I will explain why it’s essential to have a spiritual connection to grow your inner self. This will help you to be more confident and create a peaceful space to develop successful personal and professional plans. 

What is the meaning of a spiritual connection?

Many of you will think it means going to church every Sunday and being devoted to God. This concept applies to many people. But the reality is that having a spiritual connection relates to being in contact with yourself, from the outside to the inside. In that place where you hear yourself, you love yourself. You can have conversations with a higher being who gives you the power to be at peace with yourself. The spiritual world is enormous — unlimited — and is there for you. 

Why is it essential to have a spiritual life connection?

Because when you believe in someone and something greater than yourself, you have more opportunities to get what you are looking for. 

Support = confidence = high self-esteem = productivity 

Many people get disconnected from themselves quickly when they are swamped, stressed or focused on problems and not the plan to find solutions. Sometimes it is easy to get into a labyrinth of uncertainty, and it’s hard to find the way out of the negative thoughts. 

My friends, this is the first step to reconnecting with your spiritual world: clean your head from negative thoughts.

The following are tools I offer to connect with your inner self and the magnificent spiritual world.


  • For many people, religion is a tool that they use to have a spiritual life. Prayer is a form of meditation, but with a sentence already learned. 
  • Believe that someone has a good plan for you and is there for you 100% of the time. Rely on a higher power. I might say: someone always has your back. 
  • Meditation and mindfulness are excellent tools to connect with your inner self. While you meditate, you get to disconnect from the outside world, and you will find answers to your question and peaceful solutions to your problems. Mindfulness can guide you to understand how you feel and help you find a positive point of view.
  • Get in contact with nature. Taking a walk in natural surroundings reconnects you with life and gives you positive energy. 
  • Self-care. Give yourself time to take care of yourself. When you feel love, your inner you will glow.
  • Ask your angel for help. Everybody has a spiritual bodyguard who is there for you. Call him and speak with him about your necessities. You will feel at peace, and you will find the answers.
  • Getting in contact with yourself and understanding your feelings and emotions is essential. It is the genuine connection that will get your feet on the ground but, at the same time, give you the power to conquer your best wishes.

I wish you abundance in love, health and prosperity in 2022! 

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