Connecting All in the Universe

Everything in the universe is geometric. Whether it be people, plants, animals, stars or planets, the list goes on. Anything in the universe can be measured on a geometric scale, even creation itself. It all stems from an ancient geometric pattern called The Flower Of Life – even non-tangible entities like our thoughts, emotions, and music.

Many relevant images also originate from this particular pattern, one of them being the tree of life. Another is what the ancient Egyptians called The Egg Of Life, consisting of eight circles forming into a cube. That cube represents our physical body, the eight cells that make up our entire being. 

Living in a country like Costa Rica gives us the chance to see so many different kinds of plants containing this sacred geometry. If you take a moment to look at something as simple as a leaf, you will see the perfectly constructed geometry that makes up that leaf. Everything has a pattern, even the shells that come from the ocean. Take the sand dollar for example. Have you ever looked at its pattern? It reflects a universal symbol found at the heart of the Flower Of Life, called The Seed Of Life. It’s comprised of a group of six circles measured perfectly around one. These seven circles mirror our chakras. It forms a collective upon which the divine infinite creation can be understood. 

Mother Nature is always giving us hints about the wondrous geometry connecting us all to one another.

Even something as simple as a triangle carries with it deep ancient wisdom. Many different cultures and religions associate the triangle with the holy trinity. The trinity represents the union of the mind, body and spirit, therefore giving us the chance to reach enlightenment.

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